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WebPosition is a great value set of online SEO tools that would perfectly suit individuals or small businesses. The pricing plans on offer are a lot more affordable than many similar services and, although the tools perhaps aren't quite as in-depth, the functionality is in place to let you carry out all the important SEO tasks you need to. Everything is wrapped up in an easy to use web based front end meaning you can access the tools anywhere you need to and generate great looking reports at the drop of a hat. WebPosition is constantly evolving and is certainly worth a look in our opinion.

WebPosition's tools are accessed through any web browser so, once you have got the sign-up process out of the way, you can quickly begin taking advantage of the information on offer without fiddling about with installation procedures. The front end is well designed and uncluttered to allow you to see as much or as little data at a time as you want. Navigation is easy thanks to the simple menu system that takes you into each of the three parts of the suite. We had no problems at all using the tools and we don't think anyone else will either as WebPosition is well suited to non-technical users.

At its heart WebPosition is a very good, in-depth reporting tool. There are three parts to the suite of tools which each look at different aspects of your SEO strategy. The PageCritic tool will be the first stop for most people as it reports on the more technical problems with your site that may be causing it to lose places in the search engine rankings. It will report back on issues like broken links and dodgy HTML and direct you on how to fix them. At the same time, it analyzes the keyword density of your webpages for all of your targeted keywords. This is one measure that search engines use to decide whether your site is relevant to a search or not, so it is important to get it right.

The second part to the WebPosition suite is the InLinks tool which analyzes all the inbound links to your site. This calls on WebPosition's custom database (which is updated once a week) to check all the links on the web that are pointing to your site from domains of your choosing. It's a great tool for checking whether or not you have enough quality links from reputable sources and if the anchor text for these links refers to your site properly. A good linking strategy is vital to improving your search engine rankings and, although WebPosition doesn't help you gain new links, it is very good at reporting on what's out there.

The final weapon in WebPosition's arsenal is the reporting tool which tracks your site's progress in the search rankings of a variety of search engines and a wide range of localities. As well as this it can tell you who your competitors are for the keywords you have chosen and how their sites are progressing compared to your own. There is much more data to trawl through, but it is all very well presented with different views available at the click of a button. All the data shown can also be exported to be used in spreadsheets or other tools, which is very useful if WebPosition isn't the only tool you use. The reports generated can be branded with your own logo and made available to your clients, giving you an excellent means of communicating your work.

WebPosition isn't the most fully featured set of SEO tools out there, but it does offer good value for money – especially if you aren't going to be a heavy user of the service. The reports generated are full of valuable information and look great so are perfect for working with clients. Enterprise level customers or larger SEO companies with lots of clients may be able to find a better deal elsewhere, but for everyone else WebPosition can be very cost effective. A 30 day free trial is up for grabs so you can try out all the features for yourself.

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