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Searchmetrics SEO Software Review

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Searchmetrics SEO Software is a powerful and complex set of SEO tools mainly aimed at the corporate market. However, a cut down 'essentials' version is available at a much lower cost and could be ideal for individual users. There is no doubt that Searchmetrics is a very powerful service, but it is on the expensive side and the price will put many people off. It still gets a solid place in our top ten, though, as the depth of analysis and features on offer are truly exceptional and we think it's one of the best enterprise solutions out there.

Before jumping into signing up to Searchmetrics it's important to make sure you understand the different plans on offer. The information on the web site isn't particularly clear on exactly what you get in each plan, and, as they are so expensive, you don't want to make the wrong decision. Broadly speaking the plans are separated into enterprise levels and 'essentials' levels, with the latter being aimed more at individual users. The essential plans let you pick and choose the different components of the whole suite that you want and are also limited in the depth of analysis they provide when compared with the enterprise plans. However, they still offer a great range of tools and are much more cost effective if your budget is tight. The enterprise plans all offer the full suite of modules with differing levels of depth depending on the plan you choose. They also have the added benefit of supporting multiple users of different types, making them eminently suitable for a corporate environment.

Whichever plan you decide to go for you will access the Searchmetrics suite through a web based interface, meaning you don't have to do any installation or set up. Simply provide the software with the domains and keywords you want to track then you're off. The design of the whole system is very sleek and modern, with plenty of space on the screen not to overwhelm you with data. The three modules in the suite are designed to fit well with the average SEO workflow, enabling you to manage multiple SEO campaigns effortlessly. We didn't have any trouble at all using the tools and would be happy saying you don't need to be a technical expert to get the most out of them.

Functionality-wise Searchmetrics offers everything you need to plan and execute complex SEO campaigns over a number of different channels. The SEO-SEM module provides in-depth analysis and reporting on how your current SEO is looking which can feed into your ongoing SEO strategy. The software will identify your main competitors and you can track your SEO progress against them, or anyone else you choose to.

The social module of the tool tracks how your brand is doing on the major social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can get an up to the minute picture of what's happening or analyze historical data to figure out what your competitors were doing in the social space.

Finally, the link building module lets you put your SEO plan into action by helping you to build links back into your site from around the web. Searchmetrics' custom database tracks all the links back in so you can be sure your plan is working.

Searchmetrics is definitely a powerful and effective tool, but it is likely to be prohibitively expensive for all but the biggest companies. Even the plans aimed at individual users are quite pricey compared to the competition. However, in our opinion, it is still one of the best enterprise SEO solutions available and there is no doubt it is a highly polished and well supported product. Our recommendation would be to check the rest of the market first though to get an idea of the cost of similar products, which, if we're honest, don't provide a while lot less functionality than Searchmetrics. Check out the rest of our top ten list for some of the best alternatives or head straight to the Searchmetrics site to request a demo.

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