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SEO Administrator Review

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SEO Administrator packs a wide range of SEO tools into one easily downloadable package. However, while some of them are still useful, many others are growing quickly out of date and failing to keep up with trends in the world of SEO. Given the relatively low one off price it might be worth giving SEO Administrator a shot, but don't expect its usefulness to last forever.

SEO Administrator is available as a download that will only work on Windows PCs. While you might think that running on your desktop would have a bit of a performance boost over a web based app – think again. SEO Administrator looks terribly dated and ran very slowly even on our reasonably powerful test PC. Worse still, many parts of the tool simply don't work any more or don't have any relevance in today's SEO world.

The main part of SEO Administrator is geared towards monitoring your web site's rankings in the main search engines. This part works fine and can generate real time data as well as historical reports. There is one addition which it is meant to enable you to see the ranking in each of Google's data centres, but we couldn't get it to work. Along with the 'Snippet Viewer' (a tool to let you see the chunks of your site that are displayed as search results), that about sums up the features of the basic version of SEO Administrator.

Opting for one of the more expensive versions of SEO Administrator opens up a wider selection of tools to play with. Probably the most useful of these is the inbound link analyzer to help you figure out if your site is getting enough links to rank highly on the search engines. A more unusual feature in  the advanced version is the ability to analyze server log files to find out more about the traffic to your site. Beyond this are some reasonably useful tools to analyze the state of your web site and pages to make sure there are no errors causing you to be ranked down.

SEO Administrator would once have been a very sensible purchase, but it hasn't been kept up to date in recent times. We would have to say you would be much better off looking at one of the web based offerings in our top ten list rather than forking out the cash for SEO Administrator. It may cost more in the long run, but it will be a worthwhile investment to drive new traffic to your site.

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