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SEO Studio Review

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SEO Studio is a small SEO application that aims to help you with keyword research and analysis. The name studio isn't quite appropriate as SEO Studio doesn't have very many tools in its belt, as one might expect from the name. Besides the keyword analysis tools there is some basic reporting and link tracking functionality, but not much else. However, what's there does work reasonably well and the price won't break the bank even when you factor in the cost of search engine updates.

SEO Studio is a Windows application that you will have to download and install on your PC. We didn't have any trouble with the installation process, but we have heard reports of others struggling to get it installed. Despite there being three advertised versions available there are really only two as one gets an automatic upgrade to the top version. The main difference between the two versions is that the Enterprise edition enables you to generate whitelabel reports, which is useful if you are running an SEO business.

The user interface SEO Studio offers up is, along with its web site, starting to look a bit dated. However, it is enough to get the job done even if it won't win any design awards. The job in question here is really mainly keyword analysis. SEO Studio gives you the tools to quickly analyze any web page to see keyword density and what keywords it seems to have been optimized for. You can run this over your own pages to ensure they are working as you think, but also your competitors' pages to see how they are managing their SEO strategy.

SEO Studio is also not bad at link building and search engine submission. Your sites can be automatically submitted to the major search engines and tracked to ensure they start appearing in the search results. SEO Studio will help you gain links back to your site by providing you with email templates and suggesting link partners that may be useful to you. It's not a fully automated process like some tools offer, but is perhaps a more organic way of doing things. Reporting is one area we weren't very impressed with though and SEO Studio could do a lot to improve in this area.

SEO Studio is running the risk of falling behind the pack in terms of its ability to cope with modern SEO techniques. As far as we can tell search engine updates are still being pushed out to the application when necessary, but in our opinion the whole software needs a bit of a revamp. However, there is still some useful functionality built in so we wouldn't rule SEO Studio out completely. Make sure to try out the free version before buying though.

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