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Lotus Jump SEO Software Review

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LotusJump is a well design SEO management platform that will help you create and manage SEO tasks to improve your site's rankings. Simply following the SEO plan that LotusJump produces can have your site soaring up the Google rankings in no time. With simple, targeted tasks and an easy to use web based interface, LotusJump would be a great choice for anyone feeling out of their depth in the world of SEO.

Signing up for LotusJump couldn't be simpler and everything is accessed directly through a web browser so there are no installations to worry about. The user interface is very intuitive throughout and concentrates on doing things simply and effectively. By eliminating all superfluous functionality, LotusJump allows you to concentrate on completing the tasks it sets for you. Completing and checking them off the list is a satisfying process that makes it easy to focus on what matters.

The way LotusJump works is by trawling the web for any sites that mention your chosen keywords. Once it knows who is mentioning your keywords it can begin to generate tasks that you should complete in order to generate links into your site and therefore improve your rankings. Many services can do this for you, but LotusJump does have one or two novel features – such as the ability to find Yahoo Questions for you to answer in order to generate links from a big reputable source. All the tasks are easily achievable without any specialist knowledge and will form part of your overall SEO strategy.

If you don't have the time to complete tasks yourself it is also possible to sign up for a “Do It For You” account with LotusJump. This is quite a bit more expensive than a standard account, but means that you can expect about thirty tasks per month to be completed for you by real human beings. They will even go as far as to write original content and submit it to the relevant sites. This can be a very useful service if you manage a few sites and need to delegate some of the work. There's no commitment involved so you can use it only in your busy periods if necessary.

LotusJump is a worthwhile investment if you find you are having trouble managing your SEO and breaking tasks down into manageable chunks. You will still have to do the hard work, but by following these tasks you will be doing SEO the 'right' way and will reap the long term benefits. Our only criticism is that you don't get many keywords included in the packages and the cost of adding more can soon add up.

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