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SEnuke X Review

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SEnuke X is a powerful link building automation tool that can give your site a big boost in search rankings for very little effort. SEnuke X boasts huge improvements over the previous version of the software, which itself was known as being an extremely useful tool in any Black Hat SEO user's toolbox. SEnuke is very easy to use, but using Black Hat techniques can be risky and lead to your site being banned or ignored.

SEnuke X runs directly on your PC and only supports Windows so Mac users had better look elsewhere. The user interface is rough around the edges, but still quite easy to use and a huge improvement over the previous version of SEnuke, which many people gave up on for being too difficult to use. Icons and menus are neatly laid out and, most importantly, there are tooltips and in-application help to get you going again if you get stuck. There is even a campaign wizard which takes you through setting up an SEO campaign step by step. We wouldn't recommend SEnuke X to complete novices though – it definitely helps to have some idea of what you want to achieve.

The core functionality of SEnuke X is that it can automate the generation of content and build links around the web to increase your site's profile with the search engines. It does this by supporting around 800 different link building sources – such as social bookmarking sites or video sharing sites – and automatically submitting links and content to them. SEnuke X automatically generates an account with these sites and generates content, which includes your provided keywords, with a link back to your site. In general this works quite well and is extremely fast. However, SEnuke X only manages to solve about half of the CAPTCHAs (the graphics containing words which must be typed in, which are designed to stop automated tools like these) that sites throw back at it. You can sign up to external captcha solving services and use them though.

As the saying goes 'with great power comes great responsibility' and in SEnuke X's case this rings very true. Using the kind of Black Hat techniques that SEnuke X enables you to use is frowned upon by search engines and Google etc. put a lot of effort into trying to figure out when this sort of stuff is going on and altering the search results accordingly. Therefore, as recently happened, what may give you excellent results now could sink your site right down the rankings tomorrow. If you aren't careful you could ruin your site's reputation on the web and really the best way to get long term good results is to stick to White Hat SEO techniques.

SEnuke X is a great tool if you are sure these are the sorts of techniques that you want to use. It's not a decision to be taken lightly though given the powerful effect it can have on your site for good or bad. It doesn't come too cheap either, but it is worth the price if this is the kind of tool you are looking for. Check out the SEnuke X web site to sign up for a free trial.

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