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Trellian SEO Toolkit v3.0 Reviews

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Trellian SEO Toolkit v3.0 Review

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Trellian SEO Toolkit is a small set of tools designed to enable you to take control of managing your site's SEO. While those just learning the ropes of SEO might find most of the tools they are looking for here, we think more advanced SEO professionals will notice some important omissions. This would be fine if Trellian SEO Toolkit was much cheaper than some of its competitors, but it isn't noticeably so, particularly when you take into account the fact that a subscription is required in order to get the most out of the tools.

Trellian SEO Toolkit is mainly offered as a downloadable application that runs on Windows PCs. The download and installation process is smooth enough, but we were disappointed upon opening the application. It doesn't look like much effort has gone into making Trellian SEO Toolkit very easy on the eye and we encountered quite a few irritating bugs. While looks can be forgiven when using an application, they really can't when it comes to generating pleasing reports – especially if you plan on sending them out to clients. The graphs generated by the application look pretty dated and there aren't many options for producing reports or exporting data.

The main functions Trellian SEO Toolkit provides are monitoring your search engine rankings and doing some basic keyword analysis. You also get a search engine submission tool and a page analyzer that can provide advice on how to improve each page of your site. All of these features do work, but don't really provide much more information than you can glean using free tools and Google's own services. It is possible to get more in depth keyword analysis and analyze your competitors SEO strategies, but this requires an additional subscription to one of Trellian's services.

To make Trellian SEO Toolkit even a half decent purchase would mean going for the basic software, a subscription to the extra analysis service and also a maintenance subscription for the search engine submission tool. The cost of all this would easily add up to a monthly subscription to a good web based SEO service which we think would be a much better way of spending the money. Trellian really need to dramatically lower the price or significantly improve the features on offer to make their SEO Toolkit worthy of recommendation.

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