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SEM Rush Review

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SEM Rush is an excellent online set of tools that enables you to understand and analyze the SEO strategy for any website you are interested in. SEMRush is very focused and offers in-depth analysis of your own strategies and how they are doing against your competitors. All the tools are easily accessible through a browser are and available at a very reasonable price. SEMRush makes it into a very respectable place in our top ten as it offers unparalleled insight into the SEO for your sites and in doing so can add huge value to your business.

The tools SEMRush offers are available just by visiting the SEMRush site in any web browser. Even without a membership you can try things out as there is a limited free version available, although to really experience the full power of what it can do you will have to sign up. You can get started right away by simply typing a web address into the search box and letting SEMRush do its stuff. Within seconds you will have access to a full and detailed report on SEO for this site and you can begin to learn what's going well and what could be improved. Essentially this is all there is to using SEMRush so we would say that it's incredibly easy to use even if you aren't particularly technical.

In terms of getting started using the service, SEMRush provides all the training material you need. There are several quick start videos and plenty of documentation on what each of the metrics mean. Even if you don't have a great understanding of SEO you should quickly be able to pick up on the terms and measures being used. However, there isn't much in the way of general SEO training material here as that's not what SEMRush is about. If you need more help, support is on hand 24x7 and a consultation service is available for enterprise clients.

The analysis SEMRush does is mainly centred around Google, but recently support for Bing has also been added. We could criticize SEMRush here for not supporting other search engines, but because the integration between the analysis and Google AdWords is so tight and the analysis so thorough, we will let it off this time. However, it would be nice to see wider support in future versions. Another great thing about SEMRush is that, unlike many other tools, it maintains its own database of links and keywords which allows it to make non-obvious connections in order to suggest new ways of improving your SEO.

  You can also analyze your competitors' SEO strategies and easily see which keywords they are buying and roughly how much they are paying.  

The data shown in the reports SEMRush produces is invaluable to any business looking to bump themselves up the search rankings. You can instantly see which keywords are driving traffic to your site and the reports make suggestions on other keywords you may want to try. The prices are shown for everything so you can do an accurate cost-benefit analysis to decide which ones to go for.

The real power of SEMRush's custom database comes in when you realise you can also analyze your competitors' SEO strategies and easily see which keywords they are buying and roughly how much they are paying. Information like this, combined with SEORush's custom database, offers incredible insight into your business and the market it operates in.

If all this functionality isn't enough for you SEMRush provides some neat extension points so that you can use the data for your own purposes. Reports can be exported in formats suitable for spreadsheets and from there you can pull out your own figures and graphs to include in reports. For the more technically minded there is also a web API that lets you integrate with the SEMRush database. Using this, developers can build their own tools to interpret the data in new ways.

SEMRush offers free access to allow you to try out the service so you can search for your own web site and see what comes back. However, the reports generated by the free version are limited and to really see the full power of SEMRush, you will have to sign up for a paid account. Two levels are offered, which differ mainly in the number of results per report and the number of reports you can generate a day. Unless you are running your own SEO business the pro version is probably enough and won't break the bank.

SEMRush is an extremely valuable tool for any business looking to improve its SEO strategy. The depth of reporting on offer is exceptional and it's easy to take the data and analyse it yourself. Although SEMRush perhaps doesn't include a full suite of SEO tools, the reasonable pricing means there should be plenty of budget left over to invest in link-building or site analysis tools. By taking advantage of the insight SEMRush gives you you will be able to use other tools much for effectively. Check out the SEMRush site now to give the free version a whirl.

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