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Web CEO is a very well designed set of tools for getting to grips with SEO for either your own or your clients' web sites. The tools are available as an online service or a desktop application and both versions have some of the best designs we have seen from an SEO application. The functionality isn't lacking either and there are plenty of features here to allow you to execute complex SEO strategies and analyze how they have worked. Whether you are managing just one site or a portfolio for a client, Web CEO provides you with the tools to do it and comes highly recommended by our editorial team.

The first decision you have to make when signing up to Web CEO is whether you want to opt for the online version or the desktop version. Both versions offer broadly similar functionality, but the desktop version is the slightly more powerful of the two. However, in our opinion, unless you are running an SEO business, the online version provides everything necessary to get to work and also has the advantage of being available from any computer directly through a web browser. In terms of cost, the desktop version probably does work out cheaper in the long run as it's a one off purchase with a small ongoing charge for search engine algorithm updates. The online version is charged on a per month basis, but you will never need to update the software and there is no extra charge for the algorithmic updates.

When you have decided on the version you want to use, accessing it is as simple as either double clicking the icon on your desktop or firing up a web browser and pointing it to Web CEO. The first view you see will be the SEO dashboard which gives you an overview of all the different aspects of SEO that are affecting your site's search engine rankings. The rankings themselves are also displayed from a wide range of search engines and even show how your site is doing in each local version of the search engines. The information is presented clearly and elegantly and navigating the rest of the features is a breeze thanks to the well thought out menu system. We won't go on about it any more, but Web CEO is a very well designed product – especially when compared to some of its competitors!

Once you have an idea from the dashboard on how your site is performing, you can begin to take advantage of some of the other tools Web CEO offers to try and move it up the rankings. A good place to start would be the keyword analyzer tool which shows you how your site is doing for the keywords you are interested in and can also make suggestions on new ones you might want to try. It's also possible to analyze what your competitors are doing to try and stay ahead of the game. Once you have sorted out your keywords, you can use the web site auditing tools to check for technical problems with your site. Bad coding will cause search engines to rank your site down so these tools crawl your site to make sure everything is working and then make recommendations on how to rectify any problems.

One of Web CEO's strongest features is the reporting functionality that is built in to both the online and desktop versions. Eye-catching reports can be quickly and easily generated with as much detail as is required. If you are running your own SEO business you will also be interested to know that these can be branded with your own company colours and logo. Furthermore, reports can be scheduled to automatically run at certain intervals to keep your customers in the loop. Signing up for the web site uptime monitor service allows you to generate further reports on the availability of your web sites and the HitLens traffic analysis service provides you with detailed reports on how traffic is arriving at your sites.

Web CEO is one of the most popular tools around for managing SEO and it's easy to see why. This is easily one of the best looking products we have reviewed and the functionality on offer stands up well next to the competition. There may be cheaper services around, but they are far inferior to Web CEO and we think you would be hard pushed to find better value for money. There are trial versions available so there's no need to take our word for it. Check out the Web CEO site and you can be up an running in no time.

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