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SEOBook is a popular online training resource that covers everything you can think of to do with SEO. It does provide a few tools as well, but these aren't really what SEOBook sells itself on. The main focus is on the masses of well organised training material on offer and the added benefit of being part of a members-only community of SEO specialists. A lively forum discussing SEO matters is accessible and often highly experienced professionals are on hand to answer your queries. Membership is expensive, but SEOBook is one of the most popular SEO communities for a reason.

By visiting the SEOBook site you can get quite a useful overview of what the course entails without signing up to be a member. You can also see the site is reasonably well designed and it isn't difficult to find your way around the different modules on offer. The course itself covers every aspect of SEO in great detail and suggests practical, actionable steps to executing a successful SEO campaign. Many SEO resources can be quite abstract when explaining how to go about promoting a web site, but SEOBook uses real world examples to drive its messages home.

The course material SEOBook provides is excellent quality and consists of modules which are easy to complete in one sitting without taking too much on board at once. Most modules are built up from a number of articles with a supporting video or two that demonstrate the learning outcomes of the module. Everything from how search engines rank pages to keyword analysis to link building is covered throughout the course so by the end you should know everything you need to know to put a strong SEO campaign into action.

As well as the training material SEOBook offers, its other two advantages are the members forum and a range of SEO tools. To be fair, the tool aren't much to write home about, but do provide some basic functionality that is useful for understanding what the learning modules are talking about. The members forum is quite active and there's a good chance you'll get an answer to any questions you post. However, we aren't too sure about SEOBook's claims that this is where SEO professionals hang out, given that anyone willing to pay the members fee can post here.

SEOBook is a good quality online training resource and working through the material here is a big first step in learning the art of SEO. However, the membership fee is far from cheap and we aren't quite sure it is justified on a per month basis. A one-off payment at this price might be more realistic! We would also be concerned at paying this monthly fee and not getting access to the specialized tools needed to keep track of an SEO campaign as SEOBook's offerings aren't as high quality as many other services. However, if you have the money to burn SEOBook is a good way to break into the world of SEO.

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