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SEO Elite Review

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SEO Elite is a poor quality and outdated tool for helping you to build links in order to improve the search rankings of your web site. Although it, at one time, had some useful features the tool hasn't been updated since it was released and so many parts don't work or just aren't effective any more. You might still get some use out of it, but there are far better ways of spending the money that will do far more to improving your SEO strategy.

Immediately upon arriving at SEO Elite's web site it is obvious that the software is out of date and hasn't kept up with search engine trends. One of the first sentences promises to improve your search rankings in MSN, which was re-branded to Bing a long time ago. If a product can't even keep its description up to date there isn't much hope for its functionality and search engine technology moves along very quickly these days. If you can get through the rest of the reams of sales blurb there is a link to sign up and download the application, but we wouldn't suggest wasting the time to do so.

The SEO Elite tool itself sells itself mainly on being able to identify where the big hitters are in terms of links back to your site and help you generate quality links from them. You can analyze the results for a specific keyword and the tool will help you work out which are the quality sites that would do the most for your search rankings to get links from. Once you manage to get link backs SEO Elite can also monitor them to make sure they are working for you. An automated submission tool will also submit your site to various different listing sites to increase the number of links you have. This is all well and good but, because the tool hasn't been kept up to date, much of the information provided isn't quite accurate and many of the submissions don't work as the sites have changed.

SEO Elite also comes with quite a range of training material to help you get up to speed not only on using the tool, but also on SEO techniques in general. There are a lot of high quality videos describing the various functions the tool provides which are a good way to get started using it. In addition there are around 19 hours of video coaching from a range of SEO professionals which is designed to give you a background in SEO techniques. The material on offer is quite good, but very tailored towards the techniques SEO Elite uses. A wider view might be more useful for newcomers.

SEO Elite may have been a useful tool a few years back, but since then search engine technology has moved on and the tool hasn't. As search engines get smarter the types of techniques SEO Elite advocates just don't work as well any more. At a one off fee for lifetime access to the tool you won't be spending a fortune, but even then we would recommend having a look at some of the quality products in our top ten rather than SEO Elite.

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