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Raven Tools SEO Tools Review

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Raven Tools SEO Tools is a high quality, online set of SEO tools that make it easy to execute and track the progress of SEO campaigns. It's suitable for individuals as well as SEO professionals with different clients to manage thanks to its useful user management component and the ability to work with an unlimited number of web sites. The real power of Raven Tools comes from the fact that it integrates with a wide range of different data sources to produce detailed reports on every aspect of your SEO campaigns across multiple channels. This is an excellent way to get an unbiased view of how things are going and target the areas that need improvement.

Raven Tools is accessible directly through a web browser making it ideal for checking up on how your SEO strategy is going no matter where you are. Simply enter your username and password and you are presented with a well designed user interface that will lead you to each different tool in the set. A useful feature of Raven Tools is that you can set up as many user accounts as you like and control who can access the different parts of the suite. If you run an SEO business this can be handy when different people or teams only require access to certain projects. Even if you are just doing things yourself you can set up a read only account that would let your client see all the data available and how it is changing over time.

Raven Tools' strongest aspect is its ability to pull in data from a variety of different sources and aggregate it to let you see how your site is performing over a variety of metrics. This power is most evident in the research centre part of the toolset which pulls in data from SEOMoz, MajesticSEO and SEMRush to analyze keywords and linking data. The findings are laid out neatly allowing you to easily browse through and drill down into the data in order to shape your SEO campaign. Some may question whether it may not be better to sign up to these services directly, but doing so would run to quite an expense and with Raven Tools you get just what you need included in one monthly fee.

Given that Raven Tools gleans all this data from different sources, one would hope it can report back on what it has found effectively. Raven tools certainly doesn't disappoint here with some very powerful reporting capabilities built in to generate custom reports showing exactly what you or your clients need to know. No matter which price plan you have chosen, the ability to generate whitelabel reports comes as standard so it's easy to generate professional looking documents to pass on to your clients. Reports can be scheduled to run as regularly as you want without you having to do anything. For particularly demanding clients you can just set up a daily run and have the reports automatically emailed out.

For real-time monitoring Raven Tools also provides an excellent selection of social media tools which can give you up to date information on how your site or brand is being perceived. By integrating with a variety of monitoring platforms that query social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, Raven Tools can check for the keywords you are interested in and let you see how many people are chatting about them right now. It's also possible to see whether this is in a positive or negative light with a score for the sentiment of the post or tweet in question.

Raven Tools would be a powerful addition to the arsenal of any SEO specialist. Its wide ranging view of the data out there makes for a powerful way to analyze your SEO strategies and see how they are working. Standard plans are reasonably cost effective, but if you are a heavy user you might find yourself being whacked with extra charges to access the SEOMoz or SEMRush databases that Raven Tools needs to work effectively. A generous amount of access is included in your plan, but it's worth working out if that's going to be enough. Check out the Raven Tools web site for details of a free 30 day trial on offer.

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