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Brute Force SEO Review

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Brute Force SEO is a single tool that can take all the hassle out of managing the Black Hat SEO techniques you want to use to promote your site. Black Hat SEO isn't for everyone and it can be a risky business, but if you understand the risks and want to try it, then a good automation tool is a must. Despite the horrendous marketing and sales pitch on the Brute Force SEO web site, the software actually does a reasonable job, but has room for a lot of improvement.

Simply signing up for Brute Force SEO can be a challenge in itself due to the enormous torrent of aggressive, badly written sales waffle that is the company's home page. Eventually, if you look hard enough you will find the sign up link which gives you trial access for 5 days for a dollar. Be careful though, because the full membership monthly fee will be automatically taken from your account if you forget to cancel. Once signed up you can download the application and install it. It took us two attempts to get it to work and seemed to take a long time to complete. We have also heard that it doesn't work too well with Windows Vista.

Once inside the Brute Force SEO application, things do improve a bit. We wouldn't go as far as saying that it is easy to use, but it does make an effort to be. If you know what you are doing when it comes to these sorts of techniques then you should get to grips with the software quite quickly, but if you are new to Black Hat SEO it could be a bit more difficult. There isn't much in the way of documentation or tutorials, but there are a couple of half decent wizard-style interfaces to get you through common tasks. As a Brute Force SEO member you also get access to a members only forum where you can ask further questions.

The main functionality that Brute Force SEO provides is based around the parasite hosting technique for promoting your site. Essentially this is creating a page on a respected domain that allows anyone to create custom pages and using this page to forward to your own site. By loading the created page with your keywords it is, in theory, possible to get quite high up the search rankings by backlinking to your site. Brute Force SEO automates the creation of these pages for you and also submits your site to popular directories and social bookmarking web sites. These kind of techniques can produce fast results, but, if used at all, it should always be as part of a more long term SEO strategy.

Brute Force SEO is expensive for what it does, but there aren't many cheap options when it comes to this kind of software. The application isn't without its fair share of bugs, but does work reasonably well for the most part and is relatively easy to use given the complex nature of the tasks it is automating. Check out the Brute Force SEO site for details of the 5 day trial.  

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