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Please note that Weblink SEO has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Weblink SEO below, or check out the rest of the SEO Software & Subscription Sites we've reviewed.

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Weblink SEO Review

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WebLink SEO is a small and cheap SEO tool that will help you carry out some of the basic tasks that need to be done as part of any SEO strategy. However, for anything more complex or for deep analysis you might have to look elsewhere. That's not to say WebLink SEO isn't any good though and for the price we think it is actually quite good value. All the features on offer work well and the free software updates for life are a nice bonus.

WebLink SEO is a downloadable application that will only run on Windows based PCs. The installation was painless and we were up and running in a matter of minutes. Once you have purchased the license you can use the tool forever and it will even automatically update itself when new updates become available. This is generally every six months for functionality updates and as often as every week for updating the submission directory listings. The whole package is pretty good value, especially when you take these extras into account.

Functionality-wise we can't really complain with WebLink SEO as it does pack quite a lot in for such a low price. However, real SEO pros will probably be looking for some more advanced features. Straight out of the box you can begin tracking positions in the search rankings for as many web sites and keywords as you like. The data is stored over time so you can pull up some simple graphs showing how your SEO campaign is doing. It's also possible to research different keywords by checking out related phrases that people are searching for. In this way you can find your own niche to drive traffic to your site.

In terms of improving the SEO for your site, WebLink SEO also provides some useful tools. The backlink analyzer lets you see how your link building strategy is shaping up and also helps to figure out what keywords your competitors are targeting. If you need to build some more links there is also a directory submission tool which will automate the process of submitting your site to a range of online directories. This can also help you find the important sites on the web to do some link exchanging with. Finally, the on-page analysis tool will let you know how to improve each page of your site to get the optimum keyword density.

WebLink SEO packs in a lot for such a low price and as such, if this is all you can spend, then we would recommend it. However, SEO is a complex process and can require complex tools, most of which don't come cheap. If you are serious about executing a long term, in-depth SEO campaign you might want to look at our top ten, but for a quick, cheap fix WebLink SEO could do the job.

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Please note that Weblink SEO has now been discontinued.

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