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Please note that SEODat has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of SEODat below, or check out the rest of the SEO Software & Subscription Sites we've reviewed.

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SEODat Review

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SEODAT is an up an coming new link analysis service that looks quite promising. Currently it's in beta testing so we can't be too sure what the final product will be like, but it looks like it could give some of the big players a run for their money. They are signing up beta testers as we speak so fill the form in soon to secure your place.

SEODAT offers a free basic service or a paid for premium service. The free service is very basic, but useful for gaining a quick overview of the state of a site. It simply draws on the power of SEODAT's custom database to provide a summary of the inbound links to the site of your choice. The premium plan is priced somewhere around the middle of the range for a service such as this, which makes it expensive for a very small business, but affordable for larger ones who rely on web traffic.

Signing up for the premium SEODAT service will give you access to all the advanced analysis tools on offer. At its core SEODAT is a link analysis tool that will paint you a picture of all the inbound links to your site. A clever analysis engine will rank the quality of these and various other metrics can be drawn out of the data. Everything is very elegantly presented and the charts and graphs produced are excellent for discussing with clients. You can easily compare your site to your competitors and ensure yours is doing at least as well as theirs by charting the growth of each. It's also possible to pull out any data you are interested in and export it for use in other tools. Finally, SEODAT allows you to set up alerts to email you when anything significant happens to you or your competitors' sites.

SEODAT looks promising and we will be keeping it on our radar for the future. At the moment it's not exactly feature packed, but what is there looks like it has been done well and with a powerful custom database to run against there is scope for lots of new functionality. We would recommend signing up to be a beta tester if you are interested.

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Please note that SEODat has now been discontinued.

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