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Please note that AddWeb Promoter has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of AddWeb Promoter below, or check out the rest of the SEO Software & Subscription Sites we've reviewed.

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AddWeb Promoter Review

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AddWeb is a suite of SEO optimization tools designed to help manage the whole SEO lifecycle from one application. While it does a reasonable job of this, we feel the application is too dated and is falling behind the current trends of SEO. There is a lot of functionality packed in, but in our opinion, most of it doesn't need to be there and it would be better if AddWeb concentrated on doing a few things very well instead of being a Jack of all trades.

AddWeb is a desktop based tool and only runs on Windows based PCs so everyone else may as well look elsewhere now. The installation process was fairly painless and quite fast once you have worked your way through the actual payment process. The CyberSpace HQ website could really do with a re-design as it looks very dated and is quite difficult to navigate. The AddWeb user interface itself is only slightly more attractive and not much easier to navigate.

Packed into AddWeb is everything but the kitchen sink by the looks of things. As well as a range of SEO tools such as site submitters, keyword suggesters and page analyzers there are FTP upload tools and even a built in WYSIWYG HTML editor! While we can see the idea behind including everything in one package it doesn't really work as most people have their favourite tools to work with anyway and you wouldn't get far trying to build web pages with the integrated HTML editor. However, some of the SEO tools are quite useful and can provide good statistics on how your SEO is doing.

For a fairly low quality tool AddWeb doesn't come cheap. When you buy a license you are paying for 6 months or 60,000 hits to the SiteStats server – whichever comes first. Which means that you will have to renew your license at least twice a year or more if you are a heavy user. This just doesn't make for a good investment when there are much better quality tools out there at a lower price. Enterprise price plans come with 'VIP consultation' included, but are still very expensive.

Overall, we would find it very hard to recommend AddWeb to anyone. It is fast becoming out of date and is far too expensive for the level of functionality on offer. By all means give the free trial a go, but think hard before parting with so much cash.

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Please note that AddWeb Promoter has now been discontinued.

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